LED Letters

Introduction: LED Letters

Hello everyone today Basil and Siddhartha are making led letters it is the material which is made by leds and also contains wires and Forex board it is very easy to make.

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Step 1: Materials Required

The materials needed to make the led letters are :

(1) 20 Leds
(2) 2 Forex boards

(3) wires

(4) scissor

(5) paper cutter

(6) cutting mat

(7) soldering iron

The steps to make the led letters are :

step 1=cut the Forix board into two pieces.

step 2 = make dots according to the alphabets H & I.

step 3 = make the holes in the dots according to alphabets H and I using compass.

step 4 =join Leds to the dots according to + and - .

step 5= join the led legs 1 by 1.

step 6 = soldering the wire according + and - .

step 7 =connect the wires according to + and -. step 8=at last we light up the led.

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