LED Light Strip Installation


Introduction: LED Light Strip Installation

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In this instructable, I will be teaching you how to install an LED light strip.

*sorry for some bad pictures, i have quite a bad camera!

Step 1: Buy It!

As we know, there are many different light strips, which do different things. I used this one:


There are many options. The brightest would be the 5050, and you would also want the full kit with it.

There is also another option between 600led and 300led. I use 300led, and it looks great (£13ish). I guess that if you want leds at smaller intervals, then you could get the 600led version. The 600led one generally costs about twice as much however (£20ish).

Step 2: Mount It!

Using tape, I mounted it to the back of my desk. It comes with an adhesive strip on the back, however taping it on works fine. I also mounted the box on the back, with the ir reciever on my desk.

Step 3: Use It!

Looks good, eh?



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    I may need to do something like this with my desk. :) It's a cabinet and so it blocks a lot of light from overhead.