LED Lightbox

If you ever wanted a very bright box that would light up a room and possibly blind you. Well then, this is your day.

Step 1: Light Insertion

Cut 2, 1 inch holes for leds in front on each side.

Step 2: Wire Set Up Part 1

Place lights in holes, while connecting wires to the poles on the end of the lights to the batterie

Step 3: Wiring Part 2

Cut the wire that is going to and from the batterie while connecting another wire that will intercept the power and bring it to the switch, creating a gate like pathway

Step 4: Switch

Get a 360 degree switch (any simple small switch will work). Cut a hole on the center of the top of the box, and place the switch in, then hot glue it in if it does not stay.

Step 5: Done!

Your LED lightbox is now complete



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    Nice DIY flashlight. I like how the box has room to store multiple backup batteries.