LED Lighting on Breadboard



Introduction: LED Lighting on Breadboard

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It is simple to make led lighting on breadboard . We can give various effects and transactions to it. We can use different colorful led. Here I used only Red ones. We can program our own transactions to the LED simply by controlling the outputs of the arduino digital pins. Connections looks complex but it is very easy.

Lets Start making it!!

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Step 1: Things Required

1. Arduino Uno or any

2. LED 27

3. Breadboard

4. Wires

5. Patch cords

Step 2: Placing LEDs on Breadboard

Make the equal length of two terminals of led.

Place the LED on breadboard as shown in Images.

Make Common Anode for 9 LEDs Placed 3x3 manner shown in next step.

Step 3: Connecting LED Anode to Arduino Digital Pins

Make three sections of led, each contain 3x3 led .

Make Anode of each section common and connect section 1 2 3 to arduino pin no. 2 3 & 4 respectively.

Step 4: Connecting Gnd Pins to Arduino Pins

Step 5: Uploading Sketch

Upload the sketch to the Arduino.

Step 6: Final Output

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