LED Longboard

Introduction: LED Longboard

With our step by step instructions on how to make an LED longboard you'll be wondering why you never thought of making something like this sooner.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Gathering Materials like everything else is always the first step as you can't accomplish anything without them. Our materials go as follows:

1. Get some high quality and thick wood (34" x 10")
2. Get the grip tape of your choice
3. Gather a truck set for your longboard
4. Gather LED lights as well as a rechargeable battery pack
5. Purchase spray cans to decorate your unique creation
6. Glue
7. Computer, Laser cutter, Wood cutter
8. Drill, Sharp object, Printer
9. Onshape available on the App Store
10. Plastic Bags

Step 2: Cut the Wood

Once you have all of your materials your first step towards your longboard is to cut your wood exactly how you want it. To do this you will need to open up the Onshape app and will have to make a longboard there. After you have done that use your wood cutter to do the cutting for you!

Step 3: Putting It Together

Once you have your longboard make sure you find some images you might like and print them out! While you wait for your images to print out make sure to make the truck holes on the longboard. After you have printed out the images use your glue and place the images on top of the board. Later place the grip tape over your glued images. Later use a sharp object to make sure the grip tape is not sticking out of the longboard.

Step 4: Putting It Together Pt. 2

Once you have the grip tape how you want it start drilling the trucks on the longboard. After you have finished start thinking about whether or not you would like to spray paint on the bottom part of the board. If so then make sure to cover your trucks in plastic bags and decorate based on your liking.

Step 5: LED Lights

Lastly before you start riding your longboard out in the streets you have to place your LED lights. This part is pretty easy to accomplish and only requires minimal effort. Once your longboard is fully decorated and you have followed all of the other steps make sure to wrap a wire around the negative and positive ends of a V2 battery. Later wrap an LED string around the board and there you have your very own LED longboard

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