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In this simple instructable I am going to teach you how to make an LED mood jar that looks great and only takes minutes to make.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools


10mm 15Kmcd Slow Flashing MultiColor RGB LED-I got mine from ebay. They cost around 50 cents US Dollars depending on the quantity. I bought a couple hundred and got a discount (about 15 cents) from this ebay store.. You can either get slow flashing or fast flashing. They don't actually flash, they just change color.
Proper resistor(s) for your LED
9volt battery and snap
Jar- I found one that is diffused a little
Toggle Switch- I bought a one a radioshack

Screw Driver-
Electrical Tape
Drill and bit that matches the size of the toggle switch.

Step 2: Assembling the Electronics

Assembling the Electronics
Assembly is really easy and quick. First attach the LED to the switch terminals and then attach one leg of the resistor to one leg of the battery snap and to the switch terminal. Then attach the other battery snap wire to the other switch terminal. Try it out. If it does not work, trouble shoot. Make sure that the LED is the correct polarity.

Step 3: Drill the Hole

Now drill a hole in the lid of the jar that matches the diameter of the switch. Then unscrew the face plate of the switch, put the toggle part through the hole and then screw the faceplate back in. Then drop the electronics back in and screw on the top and try it out. It should light up and change colors. If you have questions of comments please feel free to comment. Also if you enjoyed reading this please rate it +.
Thanks for reading
Joe Rowley
Shouts to KiteMan (your really cool!)

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    Reply 11 years ago on Step 3

    No, actually is has to different lights to turn on. The center position is off.


    Yeah, I have been looking into getting a program for it. Also I gave the light away to girl who was very very sick and I don't remember the exact resistors I used. This weekend I will hopefully get it done. Sorry for the delay.


    If you use a 3volt battery yeah, but if use a 9 volt I think you need but don't quote me one this a 10 ohm resistor. Idk. sorry.


    Thanks for sharing. I'll find something else. This led is too expensive to be made into hobby, especially if you want to makes severals for the cottage uses. Thanks for passing us the useful information.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Is the link to ebay that's posted below the link to the right or the wrong LED's?


    11 years ago on Step 1

    Can we have the syschematic please, since you didn't mention on how many,and what you did do with resistors Thanks :)