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This is a quick instructable on writing out a name in LEDs within a shadow box. You can use any type of box I used a shadow box with a glass front so that I can later etch in the letters so it has a cool glow where I want the letters and they more closely resemble letters instead of just randomly clustered LEDs

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need is: -shadow box -LED's -toggle switch -small wire -prototyping board -power supply (based off of the voltage of the LED's I used an old projector clock power adapter) -drill bits -drill -soldering equipment

Step 2: Setup

Take your shadow box and draw a dot where you want to place an LED. Draw it out for all the letters or the shape that you want to make and be sure to space them out evenly. Drill all of the holes for the LEDs and make sure they fit snuggly and not too loose that they will fall out. Place all the LEDs into the backing that was just drilled.

Step 3: Wiring

After you have placed all the LEDs in align all of the positive and negative leads together so that you are able to solder them together. After this is complete place wires on the ends of some of the leads so they can go to the power source. I used the prototyping board for easy connections of all of the wires. Connect your power source to the prototyping board. Use more wire and put the toggle switch on the positive power lead.

Step 4: Testing

As there is lots of wires some mistakes are inevitable. At first for me the "D" wasn't lighting up so it took some more work. After it is working you have your final product unless your going to etch it which will give it a cool look. I used clear tape to just hold the wires tight to the back.



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    5 years ago

    I used a 3v-3.2 LED I just ordered them off of amazon in a pack if thirty for about 7 dollars they aren't crap either


    5 years ago

    what volt leds did you use?