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Neck rest pillows are used for travels, reading or just for be more comfortable watching TV. Some versions are motorized and they give can give you a gently massage. Unfortunately, my motorized rest pillow is so uncomfortable. The motor case is too big and bothers me when I rest in the back of my bed. I decided to take it out, but why should I waste the other components which are into the pillow?

I often move myself when I'm reading, so sometimes I lose some light because of the angle of the lamp. It really upsets me. And after I see my pillow lying around, the inspiration came to me.

Add some led’s and light up your readings with this hack, getting rid you of uncomfortable positions just to have some more lighting. It’s perfect for night readers who don't want to bother their couples.

This little tweak can be made on an average travel pillow so the project can be cheaper than you think.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

 Motorized pillows are quite tricky to find so I will post two options of make this project. One with a regular neck rest pillow and other with a motorized one.
 + Materials:
Option 1:
   - Motorized neck rest pillow
   - High brightness [your favourite color here] LED (x2)
   - Some extra stuffing
   - Wire
   - Thread

Option 2:
   - Regular neck rest pillow
   - High brightness [your favourite color here] LED (x2)
   - Wire
   - Double AA battery holder
   - Zipper
   - Thread
   - Push-button switch

 + Tools:
   - Soldering iron
   - Needle
   - Scissors
   - Glue Gun
   - Spoon (optional)
   - Funnel (optional)
   - Helping Hands (optional)
   - Pliers (optional)

Step 2: Unpick the Pillow

Option 1: Unpick the back of the pillow were the battery holder is and take all the stuffing out.
Option 2: Unpick any part of the pillow and empty it.

Remember to keep the stuffing in somewhere for later.

Step 3: Add the LEDs

Put the LEDs in the front corners of the pillow, trying to focus them a bit to the center. Insert the LED pins through the seams. Here you can do two things: bend the pins or solder them. If you want to bend them, use pliers and form a spiral. If you want to solder them, take a small circuit board and solder it.

I don't solder directly to the wires because it will take out easily. I think the first option is better, but my LEDs were recycled so the pins weren't long enough to bend them.

Step 4: Solder the Circuit

Just solder the circuit. Add silicone with the glue gun to the conections so as to prevent contacts among wires. Remember to sew the switch to the pillow.

Option 1: Remove the motor from the circuit if you don't want it.
Option 2: ...

Step 5: Refill the Pillow

Put all the stuffing into the pillow again. Afterwards, sew the back of the pillow.

Option 1: You must refill it with extra stuffing if you take the motor case out.
Option 2: ...

Step 6: Ready to Use!

And that's how it looks like. I hope you enjoy this instructable. Make sure to use it and read as much as you can. As Jairo Gomelsk said, "The reading is the imagination factory". So what are you waiting for?

Please feel free to rate and write a comment. I really appreciate every opinion, so that I can make better instructables.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Really great idea!! How cool this would be on the market! I'm gonna make one for me! Oh... and maybe a friend as a holiday gift... if they are lucky! Thanks for the ible!

    3 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks to you for the support! I hope your friend like the gift, I had thought on make one for a friend too!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I have a boppy that I bought when my son was born. Even though it is a bit big I think I might try this with it instead of throwing it out or donating it to Goodwill. Hmmmm, You've given me something to think about here! Have a great holiday!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    That could be a good one, good luck ( I want to see how that will look like). Have a great holiday you too!

    Dream Dragon

    8 years ago on Introduction

    That is a very good idea, I've used a "head torch" in similar ways but this would be more convenient for reading in bed, or map reading in the car. I see no reason why you'd NEED white light; red or green might serve well to avoid disturbing other people in the area if that was a consideration.

    1 reply
    plugableDream Dragon

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Well, I thought it could be better use a white light so you don't have to worry about uncomfortable lights (the leds you see in step 1 were so a dark blue that made the reading a bit hard for me). As you say, a green, red or any color led could be good if its a soft light.

    Thanks for the advice, im changing it!