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This Instructable is a review and suggested applications for this awesome LED Neon flexible rope light that we got from http://thediyoutlet.com

I have always been looking for a diffuse light that didn't feel like a bunch of lasers pointing at me and this neon rope light is the best neon looking LED light that I have ever seen!

Below is the link where this neon LED rope light can be purchased:


They come in 50 and 100 foot rolls and can be cut in to sections. We tested the 50 foot version.

Step 1: LED Neon Rope Light Test Results

We tested the neon LED rope light on the floor around the room, curled up against the window, coiled in to spiral shapes, and wrapped around a person! Each test yielded awesome lighting effects that were pretty amazing and was consuming less than 100 Watts and was barely warm to the touch! It really does an awesome job and creating a Tron-like effect in a room. We were even thinking of making a sign out this by tie wrapping the light to a mesh fence light material.

It is very flexible and strong, but it is also a bit heavy so if there are plans to mount the neon LED rope light on the wall, then strong brackets or hooks would be required.

This light isn't strong enough to replace a large work light, but it has enough glow to light up a wall easily.

In comparison to a normal neon Bitcoin light that we had, the brightness of the neon LED rope light was just as bright! We can envision many more Instructable projects that can be made from this neon LED rope light in the future!



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    4 years ago

    How is this powered?

    Mr AbAk

    4 years ago

    Nice Guide....