LED Night Lamp From Recycled Torch

We all have those irreparable Cheap LED torches in our homes. Here's something useful we can do with it.

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required:
1. Old LED Torch
2.Battery 9V
3. Connecting wire
4. 9V connector
5. Soldering Iron
6. Lead
7. Wooden board
8. Epoxy
9. Easily bendable but strong wire

Step 2: Cutting the Torch

Cut the torch at 1/4th the length of the body.I cut mine like this

Step 3: Polishing the Torch

Rub the torch surface with a piece of sand paper. This will give it a nice finish.

Step 4: The Holder

Wrap the wire around a cylindrical object like a pen.wrap the end of the wire around something larger to make the holder head.

Step 5: The Stand

For making the stand I used a
M. S.D Board. I asked a carpenter to drill holes for the holder,switch and battery.

Step 6: Removing the Reflector

The beams from torches are usually focused to one point.Let's fix this.Remove the reflector from the PCB and fix the PCB using epoxy.

Step 7: Strengthening the Wire(optional)

If you are using wire of low strength, there is a chance that it can't support the weight of the Torch piece and will bend.Supporting it with epoxy is a good idea. apply epoxy only halfway up.

Step 8: Connections

Connections are simple.Refer photos.

Step 9: The Finished Product

This is a good way to make a low cost table lamp and recycle old stuff.You can make it more neat by panting the stand. Please comment your suggestions below.I'm a new author who could use some expert advice



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