LED Outdoor Security Light

Introduction: LED Outdoor Security Light

The original lighting that I was using, through time has rusted and deteriorated.
So in search for some type of a cheap glass container for an outdoor security light, I ran across this table sugar dispenser at WM for .98 cents.
For the 1st light I used a U-bolt and for the 2nd light I used an eye-bolt.
So I drilled 2 holes in the lid for the U-bolt and just 1 hole for the eye-bolt.
And then used the dispenser hole for the wiring.
The 1st light I used a light socket, the 2nd light I just soldered wires to the base of the bulb.
Then used large amounts of E6000 glue to seal all the holes.
I then attached each light to my 2 wind generator poles.
I have the wiring running through a light sensor hooked to my solar and wind generator battery pack.
The 2nd light is hooked up through my 3 strands of LED outdoor lights.

Step 1: Lighting Up the Night

The LED lights are hooked up to my power source via a light sensor.
The furthest security light is connected to the string of LED decorative lighting.
The battery is charged by a total of 55 watt solar panels and 2 low amp wind generators.

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