LED PC Case Mod




I made this quick and easy mod to improve the looks of my ordinary, boring looking PC case and make it more unique.

Step 1: List Materials and Tools


- 3D printed shape

- LEDs (I used led strip, but it would work with any LEDs)

- Clear plastic sheet (taken from CD box)

- Mirror film

-(Optional) Switch, PSU connector(from an old fan)

From the tools I used:

- 3D printer

- soldering iron

- Hot glue gun

Step 2: 3D Printed Part

This is the main part of the project. This object sits in front part of the PC case where are three, usually free, slots for CD/DVD drives. You can measure your own and model it yourself or you can print mine from this link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1833510 .

After printing I sanded and painted the part.

Step 3: Backlight

To light up 3D printed part I made this backlight based on smartphone lcd backlight. Cut out the rough shape from CD box and sand it down as this will reflect the light. On one side of the plastic stick the mirror film. This will help direct the light one way. At the end stick LED strip at the sides of the plastic, the more LEDs, the better(depending how bright you want it to be). On top of all you can add baking paper for even better effect.

Step 4:

Glue the backlight to the 3d printed part with the mirrored side down, and add additional wires if needed. When applying the hot glue be careful not to melt and distort 3D printed part

Step 5: Finish

Connect positive wire to 12v and negative wire to ground. I added a switch between 12v connection so I can power it on and off easily. Last thing is to stick it all on the PC case and it's done.



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    2 years ago

    Hey people of /Ins/ I have a question, please reply, If you can only download instructables like this ( If you're a pro member ) Then why are there vast amounts of websites that offer service of converting it into various formats say a pdf format? I mean there is even a software like "HttTrack" that download the full site for offline viewing. so what's the use?

    1.) is it legal to download like this stuff into pdf?

    2.) Does the developer know this stuff? i mean it's like Youtube with her youtube pirate buddies.

    I'm thinking about buying the Membership but with this stuff like this, what's the point?


    2 years ago

    Cool little mod! Seems like this would a great way to add a light-up feature to a variety of things. Nice idea!! :)