LED Pattern2 Using ATMEGA16

Now lets make a led pattern using atmega16.

Step 1: Requirements:


1. AVR trainer board with atmega16

2. AVR USB programmer

3. 10-10 FRC

4. 12V adapter


1. Atmel Studio 6

Step 2: Making It:

The trainer board is connected to usb programmer. Then connect PORTC to LED port. Upload the code from PC. Here I have already uploaded the code to chip(in YT video). Remove the USB. Connect 12V adapter and turn the switch on. The LEDs start glowing in a pattern. You can download the code I have uploaded.

Step 3: Demonstration:

You can view the video on YT.

Click on the link:

LED pattern2

Step 4:

For further details email to rajtech154@gmail.com



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