LED Pen Torch

Introduction: LED Pen Torch

In My City There Happens To Be A Frequent Power Cut And Also There Is Deficiency Of Street Lights !

So One Day When I Was Roaming In The Streets In My Locality Which Barely Has Any Street Lights , I Saw Many Peoples Walking In The Streets While Holding A Torch In Their Hands To Guide Them In The Darkness.

This Scene Made Me To Think How Could I Make A Ultra Cheap, High Intensity LED Torch With Only 2 LED's!

In This Instructable,I Will Give You A Brief On Making This LED Torch!

Step 1: MAKING

Items Required:-

1. 1 Empty Pen Casing

2. 2 LED's

3. A Couple Of WIres

4. Battery(I Have Used 9V Battery)

Cut The Screw Opening Of The Case From Both Sides As The Led's Will Not Enter Into The Pen Case.

After Cutting Press Down The Led To Make It Enter Into The Pen Case.Do This Same Thing For The Second Led.

Apply Some Hot Glue/Cellotape(Strong Ones) To Fix The Led's Into Their Positions.

Step 2: Finishing

After Following The Making Step,You Will Get Yout Hogh Power LED Torch Ready In A Moment.Just Plug In The Battery To The LED's And BOOM! There You Go! You Just Made A Small Energy Conserving Device!


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    mr led

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    so cool


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    Please, do not use a capital at every word. It is difficult to read this way.