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I make this ring with my elementary school after school students. It mixes circuitry with art, uses inexpensive materials, and they can create it quite easily. They love this project!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

4 pipe cleaners of the same length (mix the colors as you would like)

1 pipe cleaner, cut in half (save the other half for your next ring!)

LED light


3V battery

Step 2: Create Your Ring Band

Mold your ring band in the shape of a circle around the finger you will wear your ring on, taking care not to make it too loose or too tight. Tuck the ends around the ring.

Step 3: Creating the Base

Put the pipe cleaners together. Place the ring through the middle of the pipe cleaners and fold the pipe cleaners up together (like a "V"). Twist once or twice to form the base around the ring.

Step 4: Creating the Petals

To create the petals, take the ends of the pipe cleaners and roll each one into the center, creating small circular shapes.

Step 5: Creating the Flower

Once all the petals have been rolled into the center, start moving and placing them in the shape of a flower as you desire.

Step 6: Place LED Light

Once you have the desired flower shape, place the LED in the center of the ring.

Step 7: Step 7: Light the LED

Loosely tape the 2 ends (tape 1 leg tighter than the other) of the LED light that poke through the bottom of the flower to the coin battery. While wearing the ring, with your fingers gently press the looser leg to the coin to light the LED. Beautiful!

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    please discribe the 3rd step