LED Pipe Lamp




Introduction: LED Pipe Lamp

After being inspired from other instructables as well as seeing some VERY expensive pipe lamps on ETSY... I decided to make my own.

I took an IKEA JANSJO light and cut off the base and threaded the stem through the pipe. I then heat-wrapped my re-wiring job after re-attaching the original cord and inline switch. It's an LED lamp and so there is nearly zero heat output. The ikea head was superglued into the pipe fitting. The beam proved to be a little strong and so I sprayed on some frosted glass paint to the plastic ikea lens in order to soften up the light. Works beautifully.

Next version will incorporate the same design, but I will search for my own LED lamp/housing (so that the bulb is easily changed) and perhaps get some kind of frosted glass disc to attach in front of the lamp. 



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