LED Pumpkin-Man



Introduction: LED Pumpkin-Man

Looking for a fun little light to add to your Halloween fun, this 3D printed LED lit Jack-O-Lantern is just what you need.

Step 1: Create a 3D Pumpkin

This first step offers some addition of creative license. You can create your own pumpkin or borrow a design you find online. This will be the base for the project. I used rings that I turned 15 degrees for each ring until a full pumpkin was made.

Step 2: Give Jack a Face

After you make your base Pumpkin, you will want to give him some character by giving him a face of your choice. This can be done by putting shapes into your pumpkin and then making them into holes so in the future light will be able to shine out of the holes.

Step 3: Make Sure Jack Is Hollow

Depending on how you made your pumpkin you will have to hollow out your pumpkin to make room for the LED light and its holder that will be placed inside the pumpkin later on. This can be done by creating a hole with a sphere or using the pre-cut hole mad for the LED

Step 4: After Jack Is Printed, Add a LED

Take your LED light holder and place the LED light and the battery inside so it is shining bright. Then take the light unit and put it into the bottom of Jack so the light will shine out of the pre-made face holes.

Step 5: Finished Product

After putting the LED light holder into your pumpkin, you will have a fun glowing Jack-O-Lantern that you can use to show your Halloween spirit.

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    2 years ago

    The black exterior with the red light gives it a nice creepy effect?