LED-RGB Controller




Introduction: LED-RGB Controller

This is my homemade RGB-LED controller.

It is connected to the PC which lets me either change the color by hand, or the color changes to the music, or its like ambilight, the LEDs have the main color of my screen.
unfortunately the colors are not that vivid in the video. They are alot brighter in real life.

I will post a complete instructable when I have some more time.
for now more info can be found on www.ledcontroller.de.vu




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    hi there
    i'm trying to find a way to use n-channel mosfet instead of p-channel , i have a few 12A 100V n-channel mosfet laying around and wan't to use them for this project

    don't know how to convert it to use n-channel

    does someone have a solution ?


    What happened to the website?? I am very interested in this project because i am working on something similar for an art project.

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    try the website again now! by the end of the month usually my traffic is all used up and the site is blocked... sorry about that. I will have to find some better webspace when I have some more time.... Hope the site helps!

    I am very excited about what you do:)
    I wish I could give you 1GB of space and will offer this space free of charge I pay my monthly subscription for you and I could give you 1GB free (if you need more than 2GB or more can give much but, I think 1Gb or 2 destulk the sufficiency for your projects.
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    If you are interested in space to put your projects will not hesitate to contact me by e-mail: publicitate_gl@yahoo.com
    I want to see more projects made ​​by you:)
    With respect
    Roberto Smarandescu

    Your website is down again. I'm thinking of doing this as my degree work for school and it would help if the site is up. :)

    Btw, is it possible to do this with USB instead of RS232?

    Thanks in advance!

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    No. Because the degree work would come from modifying my computer.

    I was supposed to carve some cool design to acrylic glass, placing it to the side of my computer and lighting it, with the led controller. And also carving the circuit board was supposed to be part of the degree work.


    try in a couple of days. it should be back then! best if you just save it then, in case it goes down again. let me know if u need any help!

    Have fun! :) Mike

    That's a wonderful wall I was made, thanks for the brilliant idea from you...
    Live Is Good by Knowledge!!!

    can i use the RGB LED Strip? btw the link dosent work. and did u make the controller ur self or did u buy it?

    Nice job btw looks really crazy

    I cant open this link:´( Who can give me the curcitplan of this RGB controller?

    that is the most amazing F |_| @ $ I N G room i have ever seen!!!! :D can you plz tell me where you got your LED's? i plan on making something like this for my dad as a gift for fathers day.

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    I would like to contact you about, you sending me the eagle files (?), you were talking about them on your website!

    I can make your website more accessible, I can design .com, .org, .net!! See comment below!

    That is the coolest thing I have ever! About your website, I would be have to host it for for, and update it. (For A small Fee) Check out my website; www.scouttroop250.webs.com E-mail me at jared.kindred.webs@gmail.com

    I also got a controller working that converts serial bytes into PWM output on 3 channels, but I don't have a power driver stage yet (I don't have beefy transistors yet) and have a power supply out of an old computer that I'm using that should be good for expanding.