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Introduction: LED Reading Pad

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This is very use full for when you are camping or when you want to read anything in dark lighting situation like a story book or Map's.

Size : 297mm x 210mm (near A4 page size)

Components :
*Acrylic Sheet (297mm x 210mm)
*Mobile phone keypad LED's
*3.7V Li-ion mobile phone battery
*Nokia phone charging pin base
*Thin circuit wires
*Soldering iron & wires
*Hot glue gun
*Black tape or Sticker

After collecting this all things,Start your work.Please refer my images you will get clear idea.

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    1 year ago

    Or use the matrix from a dead laptop. You just have to remove one polarizer at least and everything else like the reflective foil. There is the same thing there. You also need a 12 volt source to power it. You might find it cheap to find such a laptop. But I have not tested whether they are just powered by eg 12 volts or need something more (talk about the inverter that feeds the luminescent cigar)