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Introduction: LED Rollie

About: Hi all, I'm a college student in the copenhagen technical college. I'm currently working with 3D printers and I'm building my own RepRap.
The LED Rollie is a pretty silly, but funny thing.

Simply roll it through your neighbourhood and you'll gain a lot of attention.

I got the idea of the LED rollie when I was bored, and I saw this roll of solder, but without solder. I found out, that 2 AAA batteries fitted perfectly into the center of the roll.

Step 1: Parts You'll Need

To make one LED Rollie you'll need:

a Roll of solder, with no more solder on it.

Some LEDs (I used 2 5mm diffuse blue LEDs and 2 5mm diffuse green LEDs)

2 AAA batteries.

Some hookup wire.

an on/off switch (optional)

Step 2: Drill the Holes

Drill the holes for the LEDs. It might be a good idea to drill the holes a little bit smaller than the LED size, cause some "5mm" LEDs are actually 4,5mm or so.

Step 3: Insert the LEDs

OK, now it's time to mount the LEDs in the holes. Move your mouse over the yellow boxes in the pictures to view the instructions.

Step 4: Solder the LEDs Together

Solder the LEDs together. move your mouse over the yellow boxes to view instructions

Step 5: Mount the Batteries

Simply press the batteries into the center of the roll. They fit so perfectly, that they're held in place by friction.

Step 6: Solder It All Together

In this step, I will show you how to solder the LEDs, the batteries and the switch together. Move your mouse over the yellow boxes in the picture, to view instructions. I know, it's a bad idea to solder onto batteries, but i tried to tape it together and it didn't worked.

Step 7: Roll It!

Now it's time to get your big geeky glasses on and roll this thing.

If you didn't understand this Instructable, then please let me know.



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    84 Discussions

    really shouldn't solder on the batteries...
    hey the more dangerous it is the better = )

    2 replies

    wouldn't it be more fun to add a low speed motor with a weight, and make that thing spin by itself, at least in a circle? a counterweight is probably needed on the other side lI mean like that:

    3 replies

    u mean that's good?? it took my like 10 min and I didn't even rendered it anyways, I use google sketchup. it's really easy to use and u can render the images with some add-on(forgot the name).

    Dude, sketchup? why that when you could used decent software like solidworks, pro desktop or even (if you had one million dollars), Catia. Nice instructable though!