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Okay the parts just arrived. The point of this project is to take an old security light system and make it an eco friendly LED security light. The old system used a halogen bulb with a lead acid battery. The new system uses LED bulbs will last the life the product, and the rechargeable batteries are easily replaceable. Nearly 700% eco power efficiency upgrade.

The part list.
25 super bright white LED lights
25 resistors 330 Ohm
AA battery holder
AA Ni-Mh batteries

Old system.
15 watt 6 volt halogen bulb
6 Ah 6 volt lead acid battery

New system.
2.4 watt LED strips of lights
600 mAh 4.8 volt Ni-Mh AA battery pack

Step 1:

Sanity check. 5 LED lights are working on the bread board.

Step 2:

I wanted to test out the LED connections before proceeding. The battery leads are just gently pressed in the proto board. All the LED lights and resistors are now soldiered to the protoboard. Check out the pictures up close to see the front and back of the protoboard.

Step 3:

Just wanted to show how the original halogen light looked.

Step 4:

Showing the old massive lead acid battery and the new improved standard Ni-Mh AA battery pack.

Step 5:

Success! The LED lights and batteries are all hooked up in the housing. The motion sensor was left untouched. The solar panel will be attached outside in the sun.



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    5 years ago

    simple and effective! I've been doing the same for perimeter of music house. very nice instructions.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks for the compliment. I never noticed your comment.