LED Shelf Light

Introduction: LED Shelf Light

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I hope this gives you ideas for lighting your workshop or garage. I decided to get more use out of this shelf in my barn. Also the area under it was poorly lit.

Step 1: LEDs Under the Shelf.

I simply ran about 6 or 7 strands of LEDs under this shelf in my barn. Then I just hooked them up to a A/C power converter , and let there be light. If you have any questions, comments or advise feel free to let me know!

Step 2: Application

The wood of the shelf didn't stick to all with the adhesive backing on the LED strips. I recommend 3M double sided tape. That would work the best.



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    I have found the hobby craft type super glue on the strip and then one of those small type clamps overnight works best for me . None of the double sided tapes ever worked for me.

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    Hi there, just a thought for you that I have had some success with.
    Attach the LED'S in rows to a length of PVC board, using only the tape already fitted to the back of the LED's. The board needs to be approx 5cms longer than the LED strips and have holes drilled to each corner to enable it to be screwed to wherever it is needed.

    Thank you. I did something similar to that in another instructable only I used plywood. Thank you. I'll have to try that.


    Yeah super glue would work great on this. I didn't use double sided tape on this because I doesn't have any. I actually stapled them on. I used a heavy double sided tape to put these LEDs on the bottom of the trusses in my barn. Its held really good. Its been up there for 4 months now. The disadvantage is that it is very expensive.