LED Sound Reactor


Onshape account

Laser Cutter


Hummingbird sound sensor

Hummingbird LED lights x4

Wood or cardboard

Wood glue

Paint (optional)

Step 1: Building on Onshape

Build a square that's 4x4 inches

Build a new square that is 3.75x3.75

Draw 3 lines equal in length

Put a circle .2 inches in diameter

Mirror the circles on the three lines

delete the lines

Copy that same sketch on another part studio but make it 3.75x4

Step 2: Laser Cut and Glue

Put your project on a laser cutter

When the cut is finished, glue the box together

Step 3: Circuitry

Put the humming sound sensor into to one of the sensor holders(remember which one you put it into)

Put the LED lights into to the LED holders(Black goes into the negative and colored into positive)

Step 4: Coding

Copy this coding

Step 5: Final

Put the LEDs in the the holes

Should look like that



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    2 years ago

    Nice little project, thank you for sharing. Was this for a school assignment?