LED Spark

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Intro: LED Spark

Hi everyone in this instructable i show you how to make an LED spark light.This was an accidentally achieved project.Keep reading on.


1-Some transparent and strong straws.

2-1 LED of any colour

3-A 3V coin cell

4-2 rubber bands

Step 2: STEP:1

Cut the straws into about 1 inch in length.Hold the straws in one hand and wrap a rubber band with the other.You should now be holding a cylindrical bundle of straws

Step 3: STEP:2

Now push a LED into the cylinder.If one straw comes out add it in at the circumference of the cylinder.Then push the coin cell between the terminals of the LED and wrap another rubber band around it.


And now you shall be holding an LED spark(name given by my younger sister who named it ''chingari'',which means spark in Hindi).The straws which i used were actually picked up by me from a dumpyard. In my country India you can take any small thing from a dump yard for free.

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