LED Steampunk Goggle Mod

Introduction: LED Steampunk Goggle Mod

This is my guide on how to make LED lit steampunk goggles lets get started.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Welding Goggles
2 High Brightness LEDs
Battery (CR2032 3V Lithium)
Bottle Cap

Hot glue Gun

Step 2: Cap Layout

First off cut out the place were your going to place the switch then punch drill or cut out a place for the LED in the center and 2 places on the side for wire leave plenty of room on top for the battery to be placed there was probably a better way of doing this but if your short on time like me then it works.

Step 3: Construction

Next step is kinda bunched together im very sorry if its confusing but i was low on time both with this instructable and project so im sorry if its unclear but place the switch and LED in the places you cut out for them u and hot glue them in place take one wire for the LED and run it to the switch through one hole and a wire coming from the switch to the other also make sure nothing gets in the way of the switch i also glued all the wires together i suggest soldering  them on instead next place one of your wires on the top and bottom of your battery and glue them to the cap so it works another side not get the holder for these batteries instead it would probably work a lot better but i was low on money as well then place both of them that you made in your goggles that is if you just wanted one side to glow you can do that as well im sorry if thats confusing plz ask if you have any questions.

Step 4: Put Em on and Enjoy

Now you have your goggles put em on and show them off as you could tell i used white LEDs for this project but my goggles had a red tent to them you can do this with any color you like they would probaly even be brighter if you go with lighter colors such as a light blue or even lighter green orange or pink ones thxz for looking at this instructable and feel free to ask questions thats it for my LED Steampunk Goggle Mod.

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    2 Discussions

    Brasilia Nefetiri
    Brasilia Nefetiri

    4 years ago

    I feel like these would be hard, if impossible to see through. CAN you see through them? =)