LED Strip Controller




You like ambilight ? You like music ? So you will like my LED Strip Controller !

With the LED Strip Controller you can have a nice light effect behind your screen to fit with your music or the content displayed on your monitor.

Watch the video to see it in action !

Step 1: Follow This Instructable First

The first step is to build an ambilight like RGBFreak did in his tutorial here

Step 2: Use LED Strip Controller

Download and extract the archive.

Edit the adrilight.ino to suit to your configuration, it's the same things for bambilight used by RGBFreak.

Then start the LED Strip Controller.exe, enter your number of LED and set the path for adrilight then enjoy !

Step 3: Thanks

I want to thanks :

RGBFreak for his nice tutorial

MrMoe for his Bambilight

Fabsenet for his Adrilight

And you for reading my tutorial.

I hope you will like my software, if you have any idea feel free to post a comment I will check if I can do something ;)

You can check the source code or if there is an update here



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    These strip LEDs are great for back lighting or under lighting.