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Introduction: LED Strip Effects Controlled by Android App

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In this project I'm going to tell how we can control the LED strip functions from our android mobile app.

LED strip have very different colors, effects of these LED strip looks beautiful.

Generally LED strip comes with IR remote control through which we can change the color effects.

The color effects are fixed an controlled by using controller comes with LED strip.

Either using that controller here in this project we use Arduino Uno to control the effects.

MOSFETs play important role to control the fading & switching of different color LEDs on LED strip.

The effects are controlled by our android smartphone via bluetooth.

Lets begin!

Step 1: Components We Require:

1. Arduino Uno or Similar one

2. LED strip multicolor

3. N-Channel MOSFET irfz44n x3

4. BC547 NPN transistor

5. 3x 10k ohm resistor

6. 3x 1k ohm resistor

7. PCB

8. Connecting Wires

9. Male & Female headers

10. Dc 12 v Supply and connector

11. Bluetooth HC-05

12. 9v Battery

13. LED Strip Connector

14. Soldering equipments

Step 2: Making Mosfet Control Ckt:

The Basic circuit is shown in fig first. We have to assemble the same circuit of three mosfets.

The PWM signal is applied to the base of the transistor in series with 1k ohm resistor which control the collector to emitter current, the gate if the MOSFET is attached to the collector of BJT to control source to Drain current of MOSFET. By using this we are going to control the Switching & Fading effects of the LED strip.

Solder the circuit on the PCB

Step 3: Uploading Sketch to Arduino:

Upload sketch to Arduino.

Step 4: Installing App:

Install The given App or you can customize my Android App in MIT App inventor, I'm giving my .aia file.

Step 5: Making Final Connections

Step 6: Enjoy:

Pair your hc-05 Default password is 1234

Open the App tap on bluetooth Icon select HC-05.

Enjoy different effects o LED strip.

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Is it also possible with an Iphone 5S?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes it is possible with iPhone 5s, to develop an ios app search on google.


    3 years ago

    Excellent instructables ......


    3 years ago

    This would be great to use for Christmas lights :)