LED Strip Light Outdoor Accent/Security Light

Introduction: LED Strip Light Outdoor Accent/Security Light

I made a LED light strip light on the house outside, the side yard was always kinda dark & scary looking

Step 1: I Used 4 Yard Sticks About $1 Each

I connected 3 yard sticks using pieces of yard stick 3" long as connectors and #8-32 x 3/4" machine screws

then 1 more piece of yard stick to make mine 10 feet long

(you could also use a piece of wood or PVC Moulding that would not need so many screws)

pull off adhesive tape about 10" at a time and also used super glue gel because adhesive on LED strip is not that great

I used super glue gel and glued about 10" at a time, placing the strip on the millimeter side to use

the markings on ruler to keep the strip straight (be sure to remove paper that covers adhesive on strip)

10" at a time letting each section dry about 10 minutes

connected 10 ft yard stick to eaves with 1" wood screws

lights are under the eaves of the house to protect against sun and rain

Step 2: Landscape Lighting Timer

A Landscape Light Timer Malibu LV345T that was in the garage already

any landscape lighting timer will work as long as its output is 12v AC

Step 3: LED Light Strip 12v DC

Comes in 5M Length I used 10FT of it for this project about $4

Step 4: Bridge Rectifier Converts 12v AC to 12v DC From Timer

The LV345T Timer Device Puts Out 12 volts AC The Led Strip Requires 12v DC

The Bridge Rectifier Converts The 12v AC To 12v DC, The Bridge Rectifier Is 600v @ 6 AMPS

Part # GBU606

More Than Enough For This Project, I did add an aluminum heat sink to the rectifier to cool it down

If you "gut" TV's stereos or old amps, power supplies, you can get these items or purchase from ebay or

Electronics supply places

Step 5: Male Molex Connects to Rectifier

The two red wires going to the right shown above are not used, chop them off as short as possible

Spread connector leads on Molex carefully to accept pins of rectifier

I used a very pointy scratch awl to slightly spread pins, rectifier fit very well into splits on the pins

and then use electrical tape to cover

Step 6: Connect Bridge Rectifier to Timer Unit

The middle pins of rectifier are connected to timer (12v AC)

The outer leads are positive + and negative - (12v DC)

Aluminum plate (heat sink) is attached with small screw and nut

Step 7: First Test of Unit Outside

Placed unit on a ladder to test it outside ran it for 10 hrs worked great

no overheating

Step 8: A Look at It at Night

My camera is not that good at low light but you can see it is bright, it lights up the walk and the whole side yard

Step 9: The Timer Is Back in the Garage

Works great !

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