LED Strip in Kitchen!

Introduction: LED Strip in Kitchen!

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one of the ways to make your kitchen better is to use led strip under your cabinets,but how?so follow until you done it.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

as you can see in the pictures you will need:

LED strip(step 2)

2 12v3A power adapter with connector

2 20k ohm potantiometer with knob

2 2n3054 or 2n3055 NPN transistor

2 1k ohm resistor

2 'L' bracket

Tools you will need are:




heat shrink tubing

Step 2: Calculate How Many Meters of the Strip Do You Need!

you should calculate how much Led strip you need (mine is about 9 meters)

Step 3: Stick Them to Your Cabinets!

cut them as the size of your cabinets and solder them in series(you can't solder after sticking so make sure that everything works well).

your cabinets most be clean and dry so it's better to clean them.

Step 4: Test Them!

connect your power adapter to the strips.

if they work well go to the next step.

Step 5: The Dimming Circuit!

as you can see in the chematic the dimmer circuit is very easy to make so follow next steps to do it!

Step 6: The Pot

solder one end of the resistor to center input of the pot and solder about 60cm of wire to the resistor and the right output of the pot.

skrew the bracket in place and skrey the pot.

Step 7: Drill Holes and Connect the Transistor

drill a 10mm hole in one of your cabinets(where you want to put the dimmer and the adapter).

and then connect the transistor as the chematic in step5

Step 8: You Are Done!

now connect the adapter and test the dimmer you will have something like the video!

thank you!

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