LED Style Headlight DRL





Introduction: LED Style Headlight DRL

About: Need More DIY Time.

My puris C does not come with led headlights like the newer models. I added a led strip and have good results.

Step 1: Materials

You only need 2 things

Electrical tape

I got the LEDs from here

Step 2: Install Leds

I buy 2 strips of white LEDs from eBay.
I take off the small marker light bulb. I plug the led wires in into the marker socket and test it. It works so I use the tape provided with LEDs to stick it on the headlights. This should work with all vehicles because market lights is 12v.



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    I'm not trying to be rude, but where is the Instructable? What kind of LED strip did you use? Is there a part number, or a link to a similar model? How is this wired? What What did you do to provide weather/water resistance? I see wads of tape - what are they for? What "marker light" did you use for power?