LED Torch Light Saber




Introduction: LED Torch Light Saber

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This is a project of my son Marcky. According to him: "I thought of this one night before I slept. I found my flashlight that I got for my birthday. Then I came across a paper towel core." According to me: "The rest is history."

Step 1: Find a Plastic Milk Bottle Small Enough to Fit Snugly Into a Paper Towel Core.

Step 2: Cut a Half-inch Section of the Bottle From the Bottom.

Step 3: Plug the Tail End of the Torch Through the Opened Bottom of the Bottle.

Step 4: Slide the Two Joined Parts Into the Paper Towel Core.

Step 5: Use Sticky Tape to Hold the Three Parts Together.



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    I have a theory on how u guys can build a real lightsaber- Use those laser lights from dvd players, or cd players, a proper handle and there u go ya got a light saber i believe so...

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    couldnt you just tape the flashlight onto the end of the milk bottle

    cool i made something almost just like that with a key chain light and a straw

    His bright what?