LED Tree Lights

In this project we wire mini LEDs to act as tree lights. They turn on when its dark and they all also blink when the button is pushed.

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Step 1: Connect

Step 2: Wire

First wire up button 2 or the yellow button
Next your going to wire up the rest of the breadboard like show in picture 3 & 4
***you will replace the resistor in port 21 "J" with a wire

Step 3: LED

Take your LED reindeer out of the box
Then take you scissors and cut off the USB connector
Next unwind the LEDs from around the reindeer
Then go back to the end where you cut off the USB and pull apart the two wires about 2 inches up
Take your strippers and strip the end of each wire about a quarter inch then mark the negative end with a sharpie
Last you will do is put the negative side in port 21 "I" and the positive end in port 20 "I"

Step 4: Code

In your Arduino SIK Guide you will be blending "Circuit 5" and "Circuit 6" to get the button and the photo resistor working.

Step 5: Enjoy

You're now finished!!! This is you end result and you can now decorate anything you want with LEDs

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    LEDs are the best! I love all the different applications there are with them.