LED USB Sturdy Desk Lamp



Introduction: LED USB Sturdy Desk Lamp

The USB powered lamp can be used anywhere as long as you carry a laptop or a USB adapter. This lamp is very simple to make if you have extra PVC parts.

5- LEDs (any color you want, we used green)
1- USB Cable (used Apple USB cord, cut iPhone connector off)
1- 5" 1 inch PVC
1- 10" 1 Inch PVC
1- 10" 1 inch PVC
2- 1" PVC End Caps
1- 1" 4way PVC Fitting
1- 5" 1inch PVC
1- 3" 2inch PVC
1- 2inch 45 Degree Angle PVC
1- 6" 2Inch PVC
1- 2inch 90 Degree Angle
1- CD
Hot Glue
10- 47.5 Ohms Resistors (Stripes Purple, Black)
2- Aligator Clip

Step 1: Wiring

1. Make the Parallel circuit with the LEDs (1 Resistor on one side of the LED, 1 Resistor on the other side of the LED)
2. Solder the Resistors and LEDs together
3. Solder Resistor to the Wire
4. Solder Aligator clip to USB Wire
5. Clamp wires to Positive/Negative side of the Aligator Clip

Step 2: Connecting PVC/Feeding Wire Through

1. Connect all 1inch PVC to the 4Way PVC Fitting
2. Connect top 1inch PVC to the 1inch to 2inch Connector
3. Feed USB Wiring through the PVC (bottom to top)
4. Connect the 3" 2inch PVC to the Connector. Feed wire through again.
5. Connect 45 Degree Angle PVC. Feed wire through again.
6. Connect 6" 2inch Pvc to 45 Degree Angle PVC. Feed wire through again.
7. Connect 90 Degree Angle to 6" 2inch PVC. Feed wire through again.
8. Hot glue CD to 90 Degree Angle.
9. Feed the wires through CD.

Step 3: Finished Product!

Connect your USB Cable to a laptop/computer or use your iPhone/iPod USB Adapter and use it anywhere!

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