LED Ultimate Frisbee




Introduction: LED Ultimate Frisbee

Hello everybody! Today, I'm going to show you how to make an LED Frisbee with Circuit Playground. Let's get right in to it!

Step 1: Parts

For the Frisbee, you will need:

  1. Circuit Playground Dev Edition (1)
  2. 3.7v 2300mah battery (1)
  3. Zipties (4)
  4. 3D Printer w/ PLA filament or Store-bought Frisbee

If you purchase a Frisbee, you will need a rotary tool, like a Dremel 8100.

You can also 3D print a Frisbee, files on the next step.

Step 2: Printing the Frisbee (Optional)

If you want to print your own Frisbee with holes pre-made, here's a file I made for that. If you already bought a Frisbee, just go to the next step.


Upload these files into your SD card or upload them to your printer. Keep that print time in mind when scaling the files up or down. Load the new g code files into your 3D printer (I use a PRUSA is MK2, so I just put the files onto a SD card, but if you have a wireless printer, just upload the files wirelessly). Start the print and you are done.


First, Choose the printing service you want to use. I recommend that you use 3D hubs, since their file sharing system is very easy to use. Upload the files and chose the hub you want to use. The hubs also give you the option of filament you want to use. Most filaments would be fine for this project, just use common sense when choosing. For example, printing this crossbow in a super flexible filament would not be that great of an idea, since the functionality of a crossbow is based on having a tense frame. The site will guide you through payment and the hub will give you an estimated delivery date as well

Step 3: Drilling the Frisbee

If you bought a Frisbee, here is what you will need to do:

  1. Take out your drill/dremel w/ small bit. It doesn't really matter what size bit you have, you only need to make a hole large enough for the battery's jst connector to fit through.
  2. Place the Circuit playground on the center of the Frisbee. Drill two holes at the right and left of the board. Mark the holes before you drill, as to not damage the board.
  3. Run the battery connector through one of the holes and connect it to the playground.
  4. Run zipties through those holes and fasten them tightly to secure the circuit & battery.

On to the code!

Step 4: Code

Here's the .ino file. Upload it to your board and you'll be up and running in seconds.

That's pretty much it for this project. Thanks for reading, and, as always, Happy Making!



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