DYI LED Underglow for Stereo Recievers

This is a great look for a receiver it adds a great techy type of decoration to your stereo

Step 1: Materials

you will need 4 light strips/bars about a foot long (i used ikea dioders)

a power supply and controller for the light strips/bars (ikea dioders include power supply and controller)

a stereo reciever with feet approx. an inch in hight (i owned a yamaha RS-202BL)

glue dots



and 1 small zip tie at least 3 inches in length

Step 2: Stick Glue Dots to the Ends of the Tops of the Light Bars

Step 3: Press 3 of the 4 of the Light Bars Face Up As Shown in These Spots on the Bottom of the Reciever

Step 4: Press the 4th Bar Down As Shown

(i have hooked the last one to the one closest to it to reduce cord usage and save some space)

Step 5: (OPTIONAL STEP 1) Add Some Tape to Hold Down Any Cords If Needed or As a Cover for the Glue Dots

Step 6: (OPTIONAL STEP 2) Add a Zip Tie Next to the Back of the Receiver to Hold the Cords in Place



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    11 months ago

    Covering up the holes for the air to circulate could lead to problems.

    1 reply

    Reply 11 months ago

    true but even at extreme volumes this system wont warm up, and this does not take up much room at all allowing air to flow around the lights and through the open ports


    11 months ago

    That's a good way to add a little light without it being too bright :)