LED Video Game Experience - Left and Right Reactive Stereo Channels (B.A.G.E.L.S.)

Introduction: LED Video Game Experience - Left and Right Reactive Stereo Channels (B.A.G.E.L.S.)

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DIY by: Bret Rood and Michael Goodman (B.A.M. Laboratories)

(Bret and Michael's Awesome Gaming Entertainment Lighting System)

So you want to spice up your gaming experience aye?

We here at B.A.M.!tm Laboratories have been tirelessly testing which games and which systems work best in conjunction with the “B.A.M.!tm Apollo Gamer Entertainment Lighting System” (B.A.G.E.L.S.)
We have found that most games on most systems conform to the Stereoscopic Lighting And Party Supply Technicians Integrated Code Kompliance (S.L.A.P.S.T.I.C.K.) and generate a higher amount of Fun Per Minute (F.P.M.) than games that are not connected to B.A.G.E.L.S .

The games that have generated the highest FPM on the BAGELS are FPS’s, CRG’s, RPG’s, and SSF’s. (First Person Shooters, Car Racing Games, Role Playing Games, and Side Scrolling Fighters)
Our search for the Ultimate Light Producing Video Entertainment System (ULPVES) continues in within the B.A.M.!tm laboratories.

So you want one of your own huh? Well, here’s what you’ll need:

12ft. Section of strip light. (You can use RGB to do this up easy since it will just connect right in. Or you can do what we did and select three specific colors with individual strips.)
We used (12ft. Total); 2ft. -, 2ft. - and 2ft. - on both the left side and right.
2x DC Extension Cables
2x Apollo Jammer Color Controllers
2x Audio Extension Cables (Included with Jammer)
1x 2-Way DC Splitter
1x 60 Watt Power Supply
Misc. Materials: Cardboard or other material to build your frame. Hot glue

OK! Let’s Build This Thing!
1) The first thing we need to do is build our frame. This will depend on the size of your TV. Please make sure to be creative in your build process and double check your measurements. We will not be explaining this process as there are too many variables.
2) Once you have your frame make cut outs for your wire to go through, we used a drill bit by hand and just sort of punched it through.
3) Run your wire through the wholes leaving some slack to work with.
4) Once your wires are through solder them on to your strip lights. (This is how we did it, but looking back on it, you may want to solder your wire on first and then put the wire through the cut outs). See the picture for more info on proper connectivity.
5) Once your wire has been soldered on take the adhesive backing cover off the strips back side and stick it to the frame. Make sure to leave a slight amount of slack at the corner bend so you do not cause any signal problems.(A bend that is to sharp is not good for the strip and could break resisters.)
6) Now that the strip is on, take the wire connections on the bottom that has been run through the cut outs and connect them to the color controller strip adapter. Once the wire is connected to this adapter piece it will plug right in to the color controller.
7) Glue (Tape or place however you like) your 2-Way splitter to the bottom middle of your frame. This will be for our power supply to plug in to and split to both the left and right color controller.
8) Now take your DC extension cable and connect it from your color controller to the 2-Way Splitter.
9) Steps one through eight are for one of the two sides (left and right). Repeat this process for each side.
10) Plug in your power supply to the 2-Way splitter. In our project we used a 60 watt plug-in adapter.

For the best results set your Apollo Jammers to channel 6, this mode follows bass lines and changes which channel on the controller fires up randomly once a pause in the bass is made. Make sure to adjust the sensitivity to a mode that best suits the game. That’s it!! You’ve done it. Get ready to experience games in a whole new way!

Final Comments:
The lights are so awesome to look at, that in the beginning it will almost seem distracting. What I have noticed however is once you have used them for a little bit you get used to them. That being said, once you’re used to them and turn them off, you will definitely miss them!

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