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LED Web from Emma on Vimeo.

The intent of my project was to create a spider web out of LEDs and code it using Arduino to light up in the way that a spider actually weaves a web. After the web is entirely lit, I coded it so it will decay to turn off. The code to have the LEDs turn off is coded at random to portray the random decaying of a spider web that natrually occurs. The spider web was constructed by poking around two hundred white LEDs through a 12x12 piece of cardboard in the shape of a spider web. I then soldered the back and created the code for the project to work.

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Step 1: Plan and Code

Map out the design on paper. Code the project using Arduino.

Step 2: Construct the Design

Place the LEDs in the appropriate location, with all grounds lined up on the same side throughout the construction.

Step 3: Solder and Connect

Solder the back of the LEDs to wire to connect the LEDs to the Arduino and bread board.

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