LED Balls

Introduction: LED Balls

Time to get festive........shiny balls are old school and lets face it, them plastic balls are flat out lame.   Time for the techniball, in fabulous technicolour...right?

anyways...LED balls

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Step 1: Gather Parts

-3 LEDs can be salvaged from your kids toys, old remote or even purchased at a source formerly called radio shack.
-Resistors can be used by the technically gifted....(I tried them with and without them with success)  Got them from the source
-Wire cutters
-Styrofoam balls
-Battery , I used a 9 volt
-9v battery connector

Step 2: Clip LEDS

I clipped the negative terminal so I remembered which one they were.  The negative electrode come like 1mm shorter than the other so I made it more obvious.

Step 3: Connect the Pieces

Connect the 3 LEDs in series negative to positive and then to 9 volt battery terminal machine thing.  I just twist tied everything together but a soldering Iron can be used to make everything permanent

Step 4: Grab Your Ball

Grab your styrofoam ball, keep it plain or paint it fancy...poke holes in it for the LEDs with your pencil.

Step 5: Embed It

Take your completed circuit and embed it into your ball with your lighting pattern in mind.  Be sure to push electrodes deep into ball, seems like a hazard.  Although they do add a bit of sparke to it.

Step 6: TEST and Use

Put the battery on...one hand in pocket.....look for smoke ...feel for heat....if all is well hang it on your tree by the 9v.

Yay  LED balls...the neighbour and their inflatable snowman got nothing on you.

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