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Introduction: LED Bar Table

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Made with traffic signs from the junkyard, this bar table is relatively easy to build for those with soldering and working with metal abilities. It has a 6mm thick acrylic top with LED´s on the side to give the lit board effect.

The table foot is made by an ancient blacksmith who copied it from the original one that belongs to Ganso 'The Goose'. 

Hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials

- An old traffic sign
- A transparent piece of acrylic or policarbonate laser cutted to fit the sign, 6mm thick or more. 
- One 1 inch nut and a lock washer for it
- A 20 cm piece of a 1 inch screw bar
- A cross made with metal flat bars
- A nice table foot
- A tube with 1 meter and big enough to fit the screw bar in and solder it

- LED´s and a 12 Volt AC adapter
- 1 male AC plug
- 1 female AC plug
- pvc flexible cable 2 core 0.5 mm
- Strong tape and insulating tape
- Wire, soldering iron, solder, 5mm drill bit for the led´s
- Piece of EVA or polyethylene foam to protect led´s on the border

Step 2: Basic Assembly Instructions

Had to solder this little piece of tube on the screw bar, so it would fit to be soldered inside the table tube.
Notice the table tube already with the soldered screw bar. The nut and lock washer are holding the tube together with the foot table.
The flat bar cross was well soldered. 

Step 3: LED's and Circuit

The LED's are placed in the 5mm holes, drilled carefully on the acrylic border. They are wired to occupy the minimum space possible, look the next photos.

The EVA or some polyethylene foam are used to protect the led's wiring and to avoid scratching people. Use the strong tape to fix the foam make a nice looking tape finish.

The LED´s are wired in series of 4 with a 220 ohm resistor.
To calculate the resistor:
In this case we used 2 Volt amber LED´s with 12 Volt power source, so:
4 * 2 Volts = 8 Volts 
12V - 8V  /  0,02A = 200 ohms

A female AC plug connects to the 12V AC adapter, making it easy to disconnect the wire and turn it into an extension cord right away when you need. Some tape is used to hold the adapter and its wire.

That´s it! You can make as more many modifications as you want!  The bright LED effect with the acrylic, and the simplicity of the assemble are the catch of this project. This table will impress others when you turn it on serving a drink! Keep cool!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Brasileiro certo? Gostei da dica mas me diga ai, qual o jeito dentro da lei de se conseguir estas placas? estou montando o "CANTO DO MACHO" no porão da minha casa e essa seria a decoração perfeita junto com a mesa de sinuca geladeira antiga e as ferramentas!!! pensando tambêm numa cabeça de touro!!rsrs o que sugere?

    Brazilian right? I liked the tip there but tell me, what is the legal way to get these signs? I'm biulding the "MACHO REFUGE" in the basement of my house and this would be the perfect decoration along with the pool table, old refrigerator and power tools! Maybe a bull trophy also


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Sim lordvellos, conseguimos comprar um lote de placas num ferro velho de forma legal. a cabeça de touro eu não gosto muito mas ela também pode ser transformada em algo interessante: nunca vi um diy com cabeça de touro! pode ser uma boa, sugiro que invente algo bem legal com ela e compartilhe conosco! um abraço!

    we bought the signs in a junkyard!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    the bull head would be made from cardboard, there are some ibles on deer head trophy! looking for the bull one now.

    a dartboard game laso would be nice! lol.. are you from sao paulo? could you recommend the junkyard you went ?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    ah ok cardboard... =D somos de belo horizonte, procure gambiologia temos um site... o ferro velho é aqui em BH mesmo! pensei num dartboard com rolhas talvez? =)

    killer instructable, these things look like they belong in a lounge with a coke and rum resting atop of them haha. awesome work


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thanks man we really appreciate your comment! and rum!