LED Cube 3x3x3 With Music Beat Detection - PIC16F84


Introduction: LED Cube 3x3x3 With Music Beat Detection - PIC16F84

LED cubes are great on their own however I decided to spice it up this one with music beat synchronization. This is a 3x3x3 LED cube powered by a PIC 16F84A running at 4MHz.

The actual beat detection is done in hardware by an onboard amplifier and a microphone. On each music beat the microcontroller randomly selects a LED animation pattern which is shown on the 3x3x3 LED grid.

The LED cube is completely autonomous, just place it near an audio source and it will start to glow in sync with the music! :-)

Here it is in action:

For videos and schematic see the project page http://audioledcube.wordpress.com

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    11 Discussions

    Hello! yes I could, probably the PIC should be changed, using another one with more GPIOs available.

    Could you increase the led count to 10x10x10 and have it work the same

    I love your reactive LED cube, but I have to agree with previous comments, it really does not show us how to build it! I would love to build this, so please include a circuit schematic or some instructions.

    wondering if you would know how to set a different led color to a given musical frequency range. So for example green light might be emitted when for lower frequencies (bass) and yellow for slightly higher then blue for highest (treble)?

    Awesome video by the way


    Led cube 3x3x3 with music beat detection projects diagram please

    @russ: Yeah you're right.... i'll review the instructable and add more infos about the cube

    Nice project, but is it really an instructable, that is could I build this from these directions? Would be nice to have schematics and annotated code here.