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Introduction: LED Dog Collar

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My dog has a habit to disappear sometimes when i go for walks with her and it usually takes her a few minutes until she returns.

I thought of a solution for that issue and i figured that a LED collar will work.

In this guide i will show you how to make a LED collar for your pet so you could easily find them in the dark.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

what you'll need:

1) Shoe laces (my dog neck size is about 35 cm so i used 2x2 meters laces).

2) Buckles.

3) LEDs, the color is up to you.

4) Party necklace (a one with LEDs and battery inside).

5) Electrical wires.

6) Solder and a soldering iron.

Step 2: LEDs Part

Measure your dogs neck, cut 2 wires according to the length, remove the isolation layer every 5 equal centimeters on both wires.

Now solder one led leg on each exposed part all the negative legs on one wire and all the positive on the other, after that check that the LEDs are working by connecting a 3V power source to them.

Step 3: Starting the Collar

First, connect the two laces together by cutting one's edge inserting the second's edge inside it and burning them together.

Than fold them into two, insert loop head into the buckle and pull the two edges through the loop like in tie No.1 on the first picture.

Now insert the two edges through the second buckle, it now should have the shape of a collar (make sure that the distance between the buckles is your dog neck size), after that make a overhand knot on the collar body like in the first picture.

Step 4: Knitting

Insert the first LED to your first knot and keep knitting like in the photos.

The knitting steps are:

1) Putting the collar in a 90 degrees angle to you, pic No.2.

2) Taking the left lace and putting it on the collar, pic No.2.

3) Taking the right lace and putting it on the left lace, pic No.3.

4) Taking the right lace and putting it under the collar , pic No.4.

5) Taking the right lace and inserting it into the loop created by the left lace and the collar, pic No.5.

6) Pulling the laces to create a knot.

Repeat these until the collar is ready.

*Make sure the LEDs are in the knots.

Step 5:

After knitting the collar should look like in the first picture.

Now cut the exes LEDs' legs.

Connect it to a 3V source to make sure that everything is still working.

Step 6: Batteries

Open the party necklace and take out the battery holder, now remove on of the LEDs connected to it and instead solder the collar wires, check first which is + and which is -.

Close up the battery box and remove the necklace part of it.

You're finished.

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Step 7: That's It

I hope you enjoyed this guide, if you have any questions I will answer them happily.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea for finding dogs in the dark. Maybe next time you could have some more detail on adding resistors to LEDs and how many should be added, but all in all, great idea!


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thank you very much for your comment I am really glad to read idead and notes, I don't think that any resistors should be added because the party necklace is built to light LEDs. The amount of LEDs you should use depend on your dogs neck size, I putted a LED every 5 cm so for me the LEDs number is dog neck size/5.