LED Flower Postcard for Kids.

Introduction: LED Flower Postcard for Kids.

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This project is a great opportunity to introduce young kids to electronics! Build your own LED flower postcard.

You will need:
a LED - I use a classical 5mm one
copper tape - mine is 5mm wide
a 3V coin battery
a pin, scissors, glue and decoration materials (coloured paper, etc.)

Step 1: Cut Out the Flower.

Cut out one or more large colourful flowers.

Step 2: Make Two Holes.

Use a pin to make two holes approximately near the center of the flower. If you want to use several flowers, make sure the holes are in the same place.

Step 3: Attach the LED.

Put the LED's legs through the holes.

Step 4: Set Up the Components for the Electrical Circuit.

At this point you will need a paper battery holder.

You can use mine or the one from MIT.

Cut two equal strips of copper tape.

Place the flower and the paper battery holder as shown in the picture.

Make sure that the longer (positive)leg of the LED is on the right.

Step 5: Connect the Electrical Circuit.

Use the copper strips to connect the LED to the battery holder. Make sure the two strips do not touch. Place the battery (the smaller circle facing up) in the battery holder to test your setup.

Cut out the step and glue it above the copper strips. Keep the opening in the battery holder accessible.

Step 6: Cut Out the Leafs, Attach Them and Enjoy.

Cut out the leafs. Glue them to the stem. Decorate your postcard and enjoy.

If you want to find out more about paper LED postcards, check out this resource: paper electronics.

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