LED Twilight Football

Introduction: LED Twilight Football

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Have you ever wanted to play football at night but could not see the football well in this tutorial I will teach how to make an LED light up football


Step 1: Things You Will Need

1. an led strip
2. a foam football
3. super glue
4. a battery connector for a 9 volt battery
5. a 9 volt battery
6. some magnets
7. and scissors

Step 2: Cut Out the Hole

cut out a hole in the football big enough for your battery, connector and receiver but make sure to leave a flap.

Step 3: Add Magnets

Add magnets to each side of the flap so it can latch close.

Step 4: Put the Battery and Receiver Into the Football

Put everything in the football but leave the LED strip out and put the receiver on top of the battery so the remote can get to it.

Step 5: Glue the LED Strip

Glue the LED strip onto the football with super glue all around the edges.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Now go outside and play with your football and let it shine.




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    4 Discussions

    Perfect for those twilight football games ! I might make one for US turkey day :D Nice job

    BTW: the first picture looks like a UFO that landed on your bench. Cool pix.

    BTW: the first picture looks like a UFO that landed on your bench. Cool pix.

    It's a nice idea. The only thing is that I see the LED tape getting ripped off during play. Perhaps a channel could be cut around the football; hot glue the strip into the channel so that it the strip is flush or slightly recessed into the ball.