LED Incubator (cheap and LOW ENERGY Consumption)





Introduction: LED Incubator (cheap and LOW ENERGY Consumption)


This is my first post on instructables.com. I think this could be helpful. :)

This is an easy to make incubator with a really low energy consumption.

You will need a few things only:

2 buckets (smaller and bigger),

1 aquarium heater (25w),

2 metal bars,

1 LED tape.

How to:

The smaller bucket will be inserted into the bigger one. Metal bars will keep the smaller bucket inside the bigger.

The bigger bucket will be filled with water, which will be heated by the heater. The heater has option to set a temperature which you want in your incubator. The bucket/incubator should be closed.

And finally, you can put your plants into the smaller bucket and wait for them to grow. :)


If you need any assistance please let me know. I will help you.



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    Hi it looks good. What's the highest temperature you get with it. Will it go up to 30C? Thanks :)