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While cleaning up the mess in my workshop I found one lamp which was broken. I wanted to fix it, but when I opened it there was nothing for fixing, the bulb was broken and I decided to make new LED light for it...and for that will be my next (first) Instructable. Wish me luck.

CAUTION!!!! This project involves dangerously high voltages which shouldn’t be used if you don’t have experience in that. I don’t take any guilty if you of someone else is injured doing this.

Step 1: The Circuit

I was wondering how to plug LED diode which works on 1,2V DC on the main voltage of 220V AC, and the answer was simple...zener diode...
How it works:
The current passes through F1 which is 100mA 250V fuse. After that the AC voltage is converted in to DC through the bridge rectifier BR1, and the current passes through R1, R2 which are connected in parallel so lover current through them, and that making them heat less. The voltage is stabilised through D1 which is 10V 0.5W zener diode and that voltage is later on used to power the LED('s). I used 2 LED's one red, and one blue and the effect is great (you can see it on the first, and the last page)
I haven't designed PCB about this project, because you will need to make it by your own needs depending where are you going to put it.

As you have read in the first page this project is dangerous, so please when you will be using this put it in some plastic container so you, or someone else will wont get electrocuted with the light.

Step 2: R3

R3 depends on how many LED('s) you use. You will need to calculate it by the follow formulas.

Uz-Voltage of the zener diode
Uled-Working voltage of the LED diode
I~10mA(current that passes through the LED)
P-Power of the resistor (i am sure that the resistor required will me 1/4W, but i will suggest you to calculate the power)

Step 3: Something for the End

The lamp is doing its job very good which is lighting the hall  when all the lights are turned off in case you want to go to the bathroom and instead you finish in the hospital, because you stumbled on a toy which happens to be there.

and here are a few pictures of the finished product

And for the end (this is really the end)
Thanks for reading my Instructable, and feel free to ask and give some critique about my Instructable...



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