LED Lit Messenger Bag With Magnetic Switch




Hi, we're Elemental LED. We are committed to the importance of LED lighting as a revolutionary te...

Hello, this is Bryan from the Elemental LED shipping department.

Big messy bags can get very dark and it can get frustrating when you can’t find what you’re looking for.
So I thought lighting up my bag would be a practical way of showcasing how small and sleek our lights are designed.

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Step 1: Materials

The project took only 2 hours and I used:

Step 2: Mouting the Lights

First I needed to figure out where I was going to mount everything. I decided to mount the
lights around the rim, and the battery pack and magnet switch hidden away in the front pocket.

Step 3:

I then soldered wires to the lights and sewed them into place and ran a wire to the front pocket.

Step 4:

I then tucked away the battery pack in the front pocket and also sewed part of the magnet

Step 5:

I then connected the wires to the first the magnet switch and then the battery pack and
connected it with a dc plug adapter that comes with the battery pack.

Step 6:

For the lid, I used some double-sided foam tape to hold the other piece of the magnet switch
to the lid and closed and opened the bag to test if the switch worked and turned the light on
and off as it opened and closed. To my surprise, the magnet switch was pretty sensitive and
it worked through the layers of fabric without a problem. Leaving part of the magnet switch
attached with double-sided foam tape, I sewed it in.

Step 7:

Next, I used velcro to make the aligning of the magnets easier and more consistent.

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    That's a great idea! I want to use those LED strip lights for a few projects coming up and I'm wondering if the ones you used had the sticky back on them. I have sewed them into things before but the sticky backing is a nuisance and it gets all gunky. Did you do anything special to avoid this? Thanks!

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    Our strip lights do have the sticky back. You can choose not use this though. The best thing we've seen for clothing is to create a kind of sleeve of fabric--in the arm of a jacket for example--that you can put the strip into. The example I'm thinking of was a white hoodie so the light came through the thin fabric over it: