LED Longboard

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Intro: LED Longboard

(I added the schematic! Ignore the non scematic talk. just updated!)  (18volt input not 19! sorry)

I have been meaning to share tis build since I made it but I got side tracked a little. Its a led long board! I used segments of non-programable rgb led strips and used a 555 timer circuit to give them a little personality! The timer causes the leds to flash, with the aid of a spdt switch you can also choose a slow flash or a fast flash. Also with the placement of a potentiometer you can adjust the speed of both flashes. On the circuit there are three switches. One is a bypass switch, which skips the circuit and simply lights the leds. The second one is a mode switch, as I described early it allows to select a fast or slow flash. The last switch is simply an on-off switch. The power supply is 2 nine volt batteries in series then regulated down to 12 volts before the timer. I will be updating this with a schematic for those who would like to build this. I lost the schematic a while ago but I will post it soon! I used two altoid tins to hold all the componets. One tin holds the circuitry and the other tin holds the 2 nine volt batteries. If you are familiar with 555 timers then making this circuit should be easy even without the schematic. You can always breadboard and make your own circuit! :) But for those wanting the same exact effect as mine stay tuned! Until then check out the video and pictures! This thing is a lot of fun to ride at night. Thanks for your time! If you have any questions or need any help with the circuit feel free to ask!



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