LED Module Light




Introduction: LED Module Light

This Instructable will teach you how to make a LED module light.


Translucent plastics that is foldable( I got it in Canal Plastics in New York City),

Copper Tape,

Hot glue gun,


3V button battery or arduino board,

Battery Holder,

Neodymium Disc Craft Magnets 1/4 X 1/16 Inch,

soldering material

Other Materials:


Box cutter,

Masking tape,

folding bone

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Step 1: Make the Tetrahedron

Draw the shape as in the image, and using box cutter to cut it out.Then you can start to fold it into the shape we want. Since the plastics is a little bit hard to fold, make sure you using folding bones scoring every edge. It will make it a much easier process.

Step 2: Build the Circuit

There will be two kinds of modules: the battery module and the light module. The only difference between two circuits is the placement of the battery and LED. Replace the battery with a LED, you can get a light module.

We can start to make it. There is one part require a cut between the red and green part, and the copper tape needs to go through the cut area. The final circuit will look like the other two pics.

Step 3: Test Your Module

I used my arduino board to provide power source and also in this way, I can program my light. You can just using a battery inside as well. Before you using hot glue gun, do some testing making sure everything works.

Step 4: Add Magnetics and Finish the Module

Mount the magnetics inside the tetrahedron. Make sure you mount the right side of the magnetics, or it won't attract the right side of other tetrahedron. Test before you glue everything.

Here you are! ENJOY!

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