LEDBERG (ikea) Easy Desk Lamp Conversion




Introduction: LEDBERG (ikea) Easy Desk Lamp Conversion

I run into this LEDBERG string light at the store the other day and bought two without knowing exactly what to do with them, but I already use one set to get some ambiance light behind my tv, and later I used the other one for a cool looking LED desk lamp. So here it is.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

I recycle a lot of discarded materials, I had an old base for a desk lamp laying around waiting to be reuse, this was an excellent chance to put it to a good use.
I use a leg from a cheap aluminum tripod, (a "C" channel aluminum profile will do the work too)
Of course the only expense, the LEDBERG from Ikea for $12.00.
Double Side tape
Small saw or dremel tool (to cut the channel)
Drill and bits
Screws and nuts.

Step 2: Assembly

The assembly took me less than an hour, I have to say that the old base help a lot, this was a pretty straight forward project.
It was just a matter of putting together the strip into the aluminum channel.

the nice thing of the Ledberg is that the on/off switch is on the cord close to the light assembly so there is no electrical work involved.

The lamp have 3 strips of led's that can be connected together to the power strip. I use only two of them.
the measure of each of the individual strips is around 10" plus the connection to the power a couple of inches more.
I've cut the Aluminum channel 22" long to fit the 2 strip set up. the thickness of the strip is around 3/8" which fit neatly into the channel.
I set it into the channel with a few pieces of double side tape.

I drill a couple of holes at the bottom of the channel to connect it to the base, as well some cutting to allow the lamp to go up and down.

Step 3: Final Product

This is an easy/ fun project, and the images are pretty much self explanatory. At the end I did like a lot the final product although the quality of light is not as good as i thought would be (I'm sure the extra strip will make a difference) but I'm happy with it.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice looking lamp! Could you tell me what the width of the LEDBERG LED's are? I am planning on making the same thing but with common 3/8" width aluminum channel from the hardware store. I didn't want to order that LEDBERG from ikea and find out it won't fit in the 3/8" width channel... Thanks!