LEDC Motor!

In this lesson We will make a motor run, and at the same time 10 LEDs light up! Here we go. Enjoy!

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Step 1: What You'll Need

1. DC motor

2. 10 LEDs, all the same color (optional)

3. Half sized bread board (can be full size)

4. Arduino UNO

5. Breadboard wires (2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow)

6. some kind of power source

Step 2: Give It Power!

First what we need to do in give both sides of our breadboard power! But before we start make sure you do not have any kind of power source connected to your UNO! But let's go ahead and plug a red wire into the 5v pin on your UNO. Then a blue one the GND right below it. now plug the wires into the breadboard (red wire right side, blue wire left side, in the bottom right corner). Now connect both sides of your breadboard as shown above.

Step 3: Add the Motor

Now grab 2 yellow breadboard wires and plug them in right above your power bus. Take the motor and literally hook them on to the end of your motor.

Step 4: Time for LEDs!

Now get your LEDs out and plug them in to every middle pin of each slot on the sides of your breadboard!

Again make sure no power source plugged in or your LEDs willburn out!!!

Step 5: Finnish Up!

Let's get this clear there is no code required for this project! But plug it in and show your friends!

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for doing it!!! (= (= (=



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